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Sunday, September 21, 2008

It really is Einstein's work...

If I weren't already married, I would pledge my undying allegiance to the Baby Einstein exersaucer. That, and six months ago, our bouncer/swing combination. They have been the only way for me to get any dishes, laundry, or housecleaning done as the stay-at-home parent for almost nine months. My husband is also a fan, now that I'm back to work, and he has to play the role of both father and student.

The swing and bouncer mostly kept Adam quiet, or put him to sleep -- often faster than I could by sitting down with him and nursing. But I have picture after picture on our digital camera of him just staring up at the hanging animals on the swing's overhead bar, or looking around as if to say, "Where is that music coming from?"

And the Baby Einstein contraption keeps him occupied for (almost) hours now that he's older and needs a little something more to capture those ever-turning wheels in his head. Rattles, things to push and spin, animal pictures and noises, and even a puppet keep him entertained so that we can do homework, housework, and (gasp!) even something fun once in awhile.

So here's my question for you: What modern convenience(s) are you completely in love with? What could you do without? Feel free to comment below.

This is my (first!) post for Parent Bloggers' Network (PBN). This weekend's blog blast is sponsored by Yoplait Kids. Check out the links above for more information.



I remember you getting the swing at your shower and how adorable it was! I am glad that Adam likes it so much, apparently I hated mine as a baby but Adam liked it and it always put him to sleep!


interesting. me, i love microwaves. :) they help keep zero cooking ability me fed. :)


Amanda: Oh, yeah. It was too bad when (my) Adam grew out of it, but then he grew into the Baby Einstein exersaucer.

Kouji: Haha! My problem is that if Adam isn't distracted by something, I can't even go over to use the microwave. But it's a close second... my husband does all the "real" cooking for the most part. Occasionally I bake.

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