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Friday, September 19, 2008

Haiku Friday #5: Newbies, Nursing, and No Power (Still)

Haiku Friday

Fell asleep again
Putting the baby to bed;
Nursing makes me tired.

Want to start weaning --
I just can't find the right time
To cut sessions out.

This week at the school
One teacher on vacation,
Two out this morning;

I was the only
Person familiar with the
Classroom I was in.

One fellow teacher
Says she's still without power --
Goes home in the dark.

Estimates say that
Electricity will be
Back on by Sunday.

Man oh man. I was surprised there were so many still without power yesterday, only to hear on the news today that more than 100,000 are still going home to empty refrigerators and candles and flashlights scattered around their living rooms. A few of my coworkers are included in that list, and some of the power companies are saying when it does come on Sunday, it may be late, even very early Monday morning. Please keep all those wonderful thoughts coming for them!

This morning was a crazy one at work. On Thursdays I get there an hour early to sub for one of the teachers that works four 10-hour days, Thursday being her day off. This week, another teacher in that room was on vacation as well. So I knew there would be another sub. But then the third teacher had a doctor's appointment and didn't get back until noon. I, having worked mostly in the infant/toddler rooms for two weeks, was therefore the resident expert in the classroom. Lucky they also had one of the teachers from the other infant/toddler room in there for a few hours, so I wasn't at a total loss. I will say this: the next time yogurt is on the menu for morning snack, I'm serving something else. (Just try and picture your 11- to 18-month old eating yogurt by him/herself. Now multiply that by about 10.)

Nursing's still going. :-P I was hoping to have at least started the weaning process by now, but I'm still getting adjusted to being away from the baby for most of his waking hours during the week and sore boobs because of that. I only pump once while I'm at work, and feed him right before I leave and as soon as I come home. I feed him overnight, too, when he wakes up. That has been happening more often since I went back to work. He's trying to make up for the lack of breastmilk during the day by waking up to eat at night. Blargh. Makes trying to cut back on the number of feedings difficult. And I'm not sure which to cut out first: if I don't pump at work, I think I might die, and same goes for my arrival at home. Nursing at night helps him sleep a little longer, and first thing in the morning usually means he'll sleep after I leave, making it easy on Brandon or my mom.

So, a few questions for anyone who has successfully weaned: How did you do it? Was there anything that made the transition easier on you and/or your baby? Which feeding did you cut out first and which was the last to go? Leave me a comment below, or send me an email at momsensical [at] gmail [dot] com. Inquiring minds (or maybe just mine at the moment) want to know.



wow. does sound tiring. :O

can't offer any advice unfortunately. only my best wishes.

Greyscale Territory

That haiku is laden with a very weary spirit! But beautifully written!

Jenn in Holland

The Haiku is wonderful and so full of emotion. Great work.
As for the weaning, each of mine did it so differently but the first to go in general were the middle of the night nursings then the late night nursings. Last to go was the just before bedtime and the early morning wake-up. I think the morning nursing was the one that hung on the longest for all three of mine.
You'll find a rhythm that will work. I hope the storm cleanup/power restoration gets done well! Hang in there.


Yeesh. I worked mostly in a 2 year old room and a 3 year old room but I know how tough the little ones can be. Then to go home and nurse one of your own. Makes for a long day I'm sure.


Well since I know nothing about nursing....I'll just have to say that I enjoyed your blog. I'll ask my aunt nancy this weekend how her weaning went. I know by 9 months she had enough especially by the 3rd kid....she just kinda forced them off of it and onto table food...but like I said I know nothing about it.

Lets maybe try to get together next week. Things have calmed down for me at work....thank goodness!


I think I cut out an afternoon feeding first. Then morning. The night was the last to go because I WANTED HER TO GO TO SLEEP ;).

Hope power is restored soon!

maggies mind

I know nothing about weaning, but I do love your haiku and am hoping that electricity is back on for all very soon. That would get old quickly.


Kouji: Thanks for the best wishes! Sometimes tiring, but always manageable.

Greyscale: Thank you! I really look forward to Haiku Friday every week.

Jenn: Thanks sooo much for the advice/sharing of your experience. This is my first, so I need all the help I can get.

Lilacspecs: The days can be long, but I'm actually starting to get used to it. I just wish my husband would realize how long my days are now. :)

Amanda: Glad to hear things are less busy at work. I'd love to hear what Nancy has to say.

Cacklinrose: Thanks for sharing your experience with me! I appreciate all the help I get here. Good news -- my coworkers have their power back! I've had mine back, too. I think things are getting back to "normal."

Maggie: Thanks! I think everyone I know at least has their power back now. Yay!


Thanks for visiting my blog. Your Ku was great. As for the nursing, sorry, can not offer any advice there. Good luck though!

Karen of Sillymonkeez

What a great haiku! I don't know how people are surviving so long without power. I think we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves.

Good luck with weaning. I think you'll know when it's the right time.

Karen of the MomDot Street Team


Jewels: Thanks! Good luck is good, too. :)

Karen: Thanks for the compliment! I honestly don't know what I would have done if my parents didn't live 5 minutes away and had power almost the entire time.

Honey Mommy

I can't imagine going without power for that long! It would be really hard... and annoying.

Good luck with weaning! My babies ended up being bottle-fed due to medical issues, so I can't help you there.

Wayfaring Wanderer

I believe I would be worn out as well! Sorry, I can't offer advice on the weening.....

Hope balance restores around there.

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