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Friday, September 26, 2008

Haiku Friday #6: So Far, So Good

Haiku Friday

It seems that I have
Successfully cut out the
Midday pump session.

No more lugging the
Breast pump to work and cleaning
Pieces on lunch break.

It's still not perfect:
I still let down a little
In the afternoon.

Overall I'd say
It's going well; next up is
Overnight feedings.

Actually, this started because of a mistake: earlier this week, I was running a little late on my way out the door (but by a stroke of luck there was very little traffic that morning and I still made it to work on time), and I forgot my breast pump. I wasn't howling with (engorgement) pain, so I decide to try it again the next day. Still seemed okay, so I did it again. No apocalypse for me -- or Adam; he seems to be doing okay with Brandon or my mom, he drinks from a sippy cup (only the one, mind you; we'll have to buy another of that same brand), and he seems to have the same reaction whether it's breastmilk or formula. He misses the nursing, though. We do that as soon as I'm home from work, to get him to bed, and when he wakes up at night.

We've been sharing a bed since he was around 6 weeks old and the gas started keeping him up at night. I've been making half-assed attempts to get him to sleep in a crib for about 4 months now. Not that the individual attempts are pathetic, I just have a problem with consistency. This parenting thing may kick my ass yet -- I'm told that consistency is the most important part.

But for now, the weaning seems to be going well going at all. Thank [insert your personal deity here] for small favors.

Edited to add: For my readers who are unfamiliar with the joys of parenting, sorry for all the boob talk! I'll post something more interesting next week. :)



Um, I don't know anything about this really, but um, yay weaning?

Ashlie- MommyCosm

Wow, this took me back. Mine are 6 and 3 and thoughts of breastfeeding schedules are long gone from my daily thoughts. Congratulations on the milestone!

I remember pumping in back of my van before going into a Patriots game when my little guy was just a baby. Our friends were without kids at that point and they were laughing hysterically at me. I later taught her how to pump when she had her baby! She wasn't laughing so much then!!


Sorry for not calling back last night....I had to go to Westerville to late register and didn't get home till 7 and then just about fell asleep.

Glad to hear the weaning is going better, hopefully here soon he'll be good without the breast milk!


Lilac: Thanks for commenting despite being in the dark. I appreciate well-wishes of all kinds! :)

Ashlie: That's a funny story! Thanks for the congrats and thanks for sharing your experience -- I always love a laugh.

Amanda: Hey, stuff happens. We'll try again next week. Adam seems to do okay when it's just formula in his sippy cup, it's just the actual breast that he misses. It may take awhile to get the whole thing done.

Mama Zen

God, I hated pumping!


Mama: I sure as heck don't miss it yet. All the little pieces that need to be cleaned and sterilized... and I never can get the suction right.

maggie's mind

I'm in the camp who has never done it, but nicely haiku'd and sounds like you are headed to where you are trying to be, which is always a good thing. :)


Maggie: Thanks! At least, I seem to be going in the right direction. :)

Honey Mommy

Good for you!
I don't mind the boobie talk... even though I never got breastfeeding to work for me.


the boob talk is actually rather fascinating. :O

not the kind of conversation i'm usually engaged in, but interesting nevertheless. good luck. :)


Kouji: Thanks!

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