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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Haiku Friday #4: Long week

Haiku Friday

It's been a long week
Sorry this is a day late
Been no time to write

Weekend: I got sick
Monday night so did the boys
Tuesday: went to work

We're over the flu
(For Brandon and me, the worst)
Now Adam won't eat

Hey, folks. Sorry for the involuntary week-plus-long hiatus. I kept trying to sit down to at least write a quick note about why I wasn't posting, but things kept getting in the way -- you know, getting sick, caring for my sick husband and son, washing all our clothes and dishes to make sure all the germs left... just mundane things. But we're basically all better now. Brandon and I are back to 100% after a good night's sleep last night, and Adam's almost there. He just won't eat anything. He's been nursing like crazy (of course he is! I have been slowly coming to the decision that I want to start weaning), but if I attempt to give him any solid food, he gags and spits it out. My mom says he's probably just not back up to 100% yet, but I'm not sure.... Should I be worried? My symptoms started on Saturday and my appetite came back on Wednesday. He and Brandon both got sick Monday, and Brandon has already bounced back, and I thought Adam would maybe even recover faster than we did.

We'll be heading to my mom's house tonight for the OSU game. Go Bucks!


maggie's mind

Being sick is just no fun. Hope everyone is completely all better real soon.


Hope everyone is feeling better and that we can get together this week. I am without power at home for who knows how long thanks to the dumb wind storm.....ugh


Maggie: Thanks for the good toughts!

Amanda: Thanks! We were without power for a little under 24 hours. My parents had a brief outage, but mostly theirs was on, so we had showers, used the internet, hung out over there. I'll be posting about it later tonight or tomorrow.

Honey Mommy

Hate, Hate, HATE being sick!
There is nothing worse than watching your children throw up (except maybe throwing up yourself while they freak out about it).

Been there. Done that.
Hooray for a return to health!


(Maggie: I meant "thoughts," as you probably guessed).

Honey Mommy: Heh, it was pretty dark when the baby threw up. Mostly it was different this time because it seemed neverending. My mom said when my sister and I were kids, she couldn't watch us get sick without getting sick herself. I haven't had that problem (yet).

Wayfaring Wanderer

I hope everyone is on the up and up.....take care :)

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