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Friday, September 5, 2008

Haiku Friday: New Job

Haiku Friday

I got a new job
Today will be my first day
I'm kind of nervous

I'll leave the baby
At home with his dad; no more
A stay at home mom.

Short one this week, all. Gotta get up early in the AM, or at least earlier than I'm used to. I know I already posted a long entry about the recent change in employment earlier this week, but Haiku just makes it so much more fun!

Visit A Mommy Story to play this week. You can write your haiku about anything you want, just click the link or the button above (email me at momsensical [at] gmail [dot] com if you need help with the poem or button). Sign the Mr. Linky on her site just like it says, and enjoy some of the other "Friku." I promise you'll have fun!


maggie's mind

Wow, new jobs are all kinds of feelings all rolled into one. Hope you enjoy it!

Greyscale Territory

New jobs are exciting and scarey! All the very best of happiness for the future!


Good luck today :)


Thanks for the well wishes, everyone!

Honey Mommy

Enjoy your new job!

I work outside the home a few nights a week and I enjoy it. The kids bond with Daddy and I get to do something I want to... and get paid for it!

Laura@Storytellin' Mama

Hope your first day is terrific!!

My husband used to take care of the boys when I worked on Saturdays when they were small... it was good for all of them!


Hope your first day of work is terrific and good luck!



I hope it has been a wonderful day full of new things and tons of happiness and excitement!


Congrats!!! And good luck on your first day...would love to hear about it!

ya ya's mom

hope you had a great first day, thanks for visiting my weekly winners!

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