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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Haiku Friday #9:Teacher Drama

Haiku Friday

Teaching preschool is
A fun job: the hours are good,
The kids are awesome!

But sometimes there is
"Teacher drama" -- teachers who
Don't get along well.

The other teachers
In my room were so proud: no
Teacher drama here!

Other classrooms have
Problems: teachers switch rooms to
Avoid coworkers.

I almost counted
Myself in their number 'till
A few weeks ago

One teacher in my
Room and I clashed a bit
But things are good now.

But in the next room
There is a new teacher as
Of Thursday morning.

*Deb was moved to a
Different room because of
An old injury.

She can't lift babies
To change diapers, so she was
Moved against her will

She wanted to work
With older kids but now she
Must work fewer hours

Man, this sucks. If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember my mention of a certain passive-aggressive coworker. Well, it took a few weeks, but we settled into a routine, go to know each other a little better, and now our classroom is drama-free once again. Apparently she told the third teacher in our room about me, "I know she must hate me," which is exactly what I said -- I thought she hated me too. Funny world.

But things are not hunky-dory with the class next door, whom we share some of our activities with. "Deb" used to work with 4-year-olds and for some reason they had her in an infant-toddler room this year. Which was stupid, because she has a weight restriction of 10 pounds because of back problems. So she's been having a lot of pain and needing to call off work because they have her in there, changing diapers -- lifting kids up to a changing table who weigh as much as 30 pounds.

So I was glad, if somewhat surprised, to hear that she was in an older room starting yesterday. Until I heard she wasn't given a choice, and was forced into a part-time position so the school doesn't have to pay workers' comp (I am a little confused about this part, since our preschool is one of the few places of employment still hiring people, rather than laying them off). Sigh.

If you can spare a few minutes, send some good prayers/thoughts/mojo her way. She and her husband are still paying off their mortgage and can't afford the pay cut.

*This person's name has been changed to protect her identity and her personal pride.

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Sounds like some of the drama that I hear about at my moms work. I always thought drama went away as people got older, but I guess not!

Hope that you have a good weekend, and lets try to hang out sometime next week!

maggie's mind

Work drama is never fun. So sorry to hear what's going on where you are.


Amanda: You'd think that, but people are so pithy sometimes. I don't think it helps that many of my coworkers are college students. And almost all are women, so the estrogen is probably part of the problem too.

I'll give you a call sometime on Sunday and we can talk about next week.

Maggie: Thanks for the sympathy. I'm thinking things will work themselves out in this case. :)

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