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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Haiku Friday #7: (Not-So-) Random Thoughts

Haiku Friday

A few thoughts that have
Occurred to me since last night;
Tell me what you think:


There is only one
"U" in the word "nuclear,"
Pronounced "NOOK lee er"

It is not pronounced
"NOOK yah ler" despite widespread


When you are asked a
Question in an interview,
It's usually

A good idea
To answer it, and not make
It plain you did not

Bother to answer
The question. If not, at least
Stay on the topic.

Especially when
That job is one of the most
Important there are.


Experience and
Knowledge are helpful in such
A job interview

Complete lack thereof
Is not a reason for why
You should be chosen.

(No matter how charming
You may come off.) It should not
Be seen as a plus.


If experience
And knowledge are a problem,
Success cannot be

Determined by the
Simple lack of failure. A
Success must be more.

Adequacy is
Not enough. Is that really

All right, so I promised myself at the outset that this blog would not become a place to bitch about religion, politics, or really anything at all. I'd much rather this be a place I can tell my story, but in a comedic way. But I really felt the need to open up after last night's prime time television programming. Anyway, so that's my haiku, if you like it, let me know. If you think I can improve upon something other than my (at this point) unwavering beliefs, let me know that too.

Have a good weekend everyone!



I think you were spot on. Especially #2!!!!!

Have a great weekend.


Vixen: Thanks! I actually forgot about Haiku this week until I checked my reader, so I just converted what I was going to post into the poem. :)


hope you have a good weekend too. :)

quite interesting haiku you've got here. :)


Kouji: Thanks, on both accounts!

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