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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still Alive

...even considering this is my first job in a day care setting and I have the plague that just won't end.

At first it wasn't so bad. Yeah, I spent my first weekend with the flu. But I seemed to make it through the rest of my first month at the JCC preschool unscathed.

And then last Monday I woke up with pinkeye. Woohoo. I felt okay other than that, but as the day wore on, I felt pretty tired and my nose was a little stuffy. No biggie; I just figured the abrupt changes in the weather were responsible and I'd be fine after getting some rest.

Ohhhh no. It was a full-blown, knock-me-down, double-whammy cold and sinus infection. Runny nose, stuffy nose, headaches, toothaches, coughing, losing my voice -- all week long. I'm still not 100 percent yet: my voice is still a little raspy, and my nose is still clogged a bit. And of course I bring everything home with me -- my husband, son, and mother all got the cold/sinus infection. Fortunately none of them got the pinkeye.

So I've been trying to get better and still manage to be a mommy. Still haven't quite got it down yet.

Despite Adam sneezing what my husband called "snot rockets" for a few days, he managed to complete some milestones:

  • He has two more teeth coming in (he got the bottom front two, oh, around 6 or 7 months, then nothing until a few weeks ago -- the two outside top incisors started coming; now it's the two in the top middle).
  • He (maybe?) said his first word, I think: "meow" -- we have cats, both sets of grandparents have a cat, and he loves basically any cat he sees; he gets all excited and squeals usually, but my parents' rather vocal Siamese was meowing last week while Adam was at their house and we heard Adam make a high-pitched kinda "mew".
  • He's started waving bye-bye, although as yet only to my parents, and he needs a little help to get started, but then you let go of his hand and he does it on his own.
  • He's crawling scooting froggy swimming now! He pushes with his hands and feet while still laying on his belly to propel himself forward on the carpet. He's fast, too! I was surprised at how quickly he got from one end of the room to the other, considering he's not actually crawling -- which he can get into the position for, but can't really move from there.
Yay! My baby's growing up. No, I'm not sad. Yes, I'll have to get on that purchasing of the baby gate thing, but I'm proud, and I don't regret anything except that I haven't spent much time cleaning around here yet.



Yeah for Adam doing lots of exciting baby things and for him being the flipping cutest thing ever!

And boo for illnesses....hopefully you can stay healthy for a while now! Thanks for the tip about the counseling place, I am calling today to set up the first appointment!


Amanda: Boo, illnesses. Hooray beer! You've seen the Red Stripe commercials, right? I'm so glad I could help... and I hope I didn't make everything worse by talking about all the people we know. I think Brandon thinks I'm a really bad friend. I hope not.


Oh no your not a bad friend at all Melissa, and no worries about talking about all that stuff. I'm just frustrated and if this does not end up working out I think I'll lay off dating for a while. I am even considering a move to Pittsburgh if things don't work out, but it wouldn't be till Sept. of next year. But thank you for everything!


No no no! You can't move. You just got to know my son. :) Seriously, though, isn't Caitlyn moving to Tennessee? You don't want to move further east after she does. Ohio is nice. :)

kouji haiku

cool. so many milestones. :O


Kouji: Oh I know, I'm just sooo excited! Thanks for commenting!

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