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Friday, April 3, 2009

Haiku Friday #19: Talk Isn't Cheap

Haiku Friday

We're in the middle
Of a language explosion
At the Geek household.

Baby Geek, who will
Soon be sixteen months of age,
Now talks up a storm.

They're serious when they tell you that once a kid starts talking, he just doesn't stop. And sometimes it comes at a price: "Yes, that is the door. No, you drank all the juice already."

It seems like Adam learns a new word every few days now. Here's the list so far:

  • KIH-tee = kitty
  • Mih = Milk (or sometimes juice)
  • Buh = Bread
  • LA-ee = Light
  • Boo = Blue
  • Puh-puh = Purple
  • Bah-bah = Bye-bye
  • Ha = Hi
  • Mama (duh)
  • Dada (duh)
  • Mimi = his name for my mom
  • Guh = Grandpere (French for grandfather), his name for my dad
  • Teh = Tia (Spanish for aunt), his name for my sister
  • Baa (like bad, without the 'd') = Bang
  • Me = Meow
  • Yow = Meow (can you tell what his favorite animal is?)
  • Hoo hoo hoo = The sound a monkey makes
  • More (pointing finger into palm)
  • Finished (palms up, hands cupped slightly, waving back and forth)
  • "No no" (shaking pointed finger at someone -- he got that from the JCC)
  • Points finger or taps head to request "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"
  • Shakes pointed finger to request "No, No, No, I Will Not Let Them Go" (a Passover song)
  • Does all the motions to Patty-Cake
  • Does some of the motions for "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" and "Mini Mac" (another JCC song)
Of course, he recognizes more words than he can say -- probably more than we are aware of. So far we only know that he understands family members that he can't pronounce yet, colors, and most of his body parts. He also understands words for his routines: mealtimes, bed, bath, etc.

Anyone out there have children of similar age and developmental stage? What cool stuff is your toddler doing lately?

For more haiku or to play along, visit A Mommy Story.



both mine are past that stage, but I loved it! thanks for making me remember. :)

Ashlie- Mommycosm

Have fun :) They're like little sponges at this stage - so cool.

My son was a late talker. He kicked in with full sentences at 2.5 years and hasn't shut up since. Seriously, I think my ears might bleed this morning!

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