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Friday, April 10, 2009

Haiku Friday #20: It's Broken

Haiku Friday

Remember when I
Was berating myself for
Being a bad mom?

Well, it turns out it's
Even worse than all of that.
Wedn'sday the second,

My husband took our
Son to the orthopedic
Doc to check his arm.

At first it was to
Check for any hip problems
Since he's not walking.

But while he was there,
The specialist would check his
Hurt right arm as well.

At the orthopedic center, they took yet another x-ray of his arm and found a healing fracture up near his elbow. So they put a cast on it right then and there. They let him pick out the color he wanted -- he chose kelly green. Apparently he wasn't into the teddy bears or dinosaurs (now, if they'd had a cat pattern...).

Horrible mother that I am, I stayed at work during the whole process -- with all of Adam's illness lately, I'm running out of sick time (the next day, we found out he had roseola as well -- this in addition to already having an ear infection and several molars making their entrance).

So he's still in the sling. He's still trying to crawl on that arm, although with more success and fewer tears and frustration now. And we still don't know what happened, although we now know what's wrong, at least.

The good news? There's nothing wrong with his hips, so as long as he's willing, walking shouldn't be a problem. The nice lady from Help Me Grow came today; she determined that Adam has a gross motor delay, but otherwise he's developing on or ahead of schedule -- especially ahead in the language. No surprises.

Any suggestions for encouraging a child to walk, who is usually content to just sit on the floor with whatever has caught his interest?



Don't push him into walking. He will walk when he is ready. Just be ready to show encouragement when he starts taking those first, frustrating steps. Let him know he's doing good. Laugh and clap - although I probably don't have to tell you that - you'll do that naturally, anyway - just like he will.


LceeL: Thanks for the advice! So far I'm not too worried (I see all speeds of development at the daycare where I work). Just a touch impatient. :) Thanks for commenting!


I was into a volunteer mission years back and was in Japan, one thing I learned about dealing with children is that, we should never hurry them into walking...but rather let them crawl and crawl...and well, crawling lets him enhance balance and coordination between and body and brain...

Wish you a great weekend!


Sorry to hear the poor little guy is having so much trouble right now. He'll be running before you know it. He's a cutie.

Ashlie - MommyCosm

Oh, honey - he will walk when he's ready. You will look back on this and giggle as you're chasing him around - I guarantee you.

My son was a very late talker. He waited until 2 1/2. Now? He never shuts up.

Hope he feels better soon.


Mariposa: Thanks for the tip! I didn't think about it that way before. Thanks for commenting!

Sandra: Thanks! For the encouragement and the compliment. He knows how cute he is - I can tell by the way he uses it. :) Thanks for the comment!

Ashlie: Thanks for the well-wishes. Sometimes it seems like one phase of development lasts forever. I remember when I thought he'd never even roll over (he's always been a bit of a late bloomer in the gross motor department). Thanks for your comment!


how incredibly stressful! having a sick child really makes keeping a job incredibly hard--I had to quit b/c my son had so many ear infections in day care and my boss was a jerk about it. Anyway, just be patient, he'll walk.


Cathy: Thanks for the sympathy! Fortunately I work at the same daycare where he goes, so they understand (especially when something's going around). And they like me too much to not keep me. Thanks for commenting!


I wouldn't worry about rushing him either especially since it brings a whole new meaning to "getting into stuff"! :) Great that they caught the break in the arm and could take care of that. Happy Friday!


Gayle: Oh, he gets into plenty already... he's a really fast crawler, even with the cast and sling! :) Thanks for the comment!

Mama Zen

The moment that you are totally not expecting it, when you have a dead battery in your camera, and you've left something breakable in a place that you think is just out of reach, he'll walk!


Mama Zen: Oh shoot, we just recharged the camera's battery too! :) But yeah, that's the story off my life as a parent. I'm so not prepared, ever. Thanks for your comment!

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