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Friday, March 6, 2009

Haiku Friday #17: Generosity

Haiku Friday

My husband is in
The middle of his student
Teaching semester.

The head of his school's
English department bought four
Dress shirts in his size

So that he may have
Something nice to wear for job
Interviews this spring.

He said, "I've been broke
Before. I know what you are
Going through right now."

All he wants? That he
Pays it forward to someone
In need, when he can.

Wow. Talk about generous. This man has only met my husband fairly recently (within the last month or so), and he doesn't spend much time with him. But he saw fit to reach out and help us with something that could mean the difference between twice and more than three times our income next year. Those dress shirts are nice.

My father-in-law bought my husband a suit a few months ago to wear to interviews, too, so provided a job exists and Brandon is qualified for it, he may just get it. His dad also agreed to lend us the money for the PRAXIS test as well.

All this is really a lot off our minds. We were supposed to get our tax refund last Friday, but the date was changed to next Tuesday for some reason. That was a huge blow, considering that several bills are coming due in that time -- or have already. We're also looking at trying to pay off some that have gone past due with this rather large chunk of change we're expecting in the mail.

Yeah, preschool teachers? We don't make enough to support two adults and a toddler -- even with government help. And regardless of whether my husband is able to find a job with benefits after he graduates in May, we will lose our government health insurance in October. Why? Because apparently, eight dollars an hour is too much money, and in October our twelve months of "transitional assistance" with medical costs will end. But at least our son will get to keep his until we make about twice that.

But with help from our friends and family -- and the recent warm front -- it feels like we can conquer almost anything.

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that's so great. I worked at a magazine--I was a glorified secretary--when my husband was going to law school. I barely made enough to support us--we had to take out extra money--so I can relate where you're coming from! Keep us posted on the job hunt!


Cathy: Thanks for commenting! Wow, it's unbelievable how similar your situation was to ours. That makes me feel better -- not so "poor ole me" you know? Thanks for the support!


That is pretty awesome! Its always nice and motivating to have new clothes when looking for a job!

Tink *~*~*

I'm going to say a prayer for your generous friend - certainly deserving. And what a fitting subject for a haiku!

Tink *~*~*
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Amanda: This was just the first in a series of awesome shit that happened to us this week -- call me and I'll fill you in!

Tink: Thanks for commenting! Absolutely. He is deinitely a person to be thankful for. Thanks for the compliment as well!

Domestic Extraordinaire



DE: Thanks for the comment and the hugs! Good news today: we received our tax refund! Woohoo!


Awesome haiku! I can relate to your financial situation. How wonderful that there are truly thoughtful and generous people out there! Many blessings to you!


Pamela: Thanks for the comment and the blessings! What is wonderful to me is all this great emotional support from all of you out there. Thank you so much.

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