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Friday, February 20, 2009

Haiku Friday #15: Sick (of Winter)

Haiku Friday

My whole family
Is sick: my son has had hives,
Pinkeye, and a cold

All in the last week;
My husband passed a kidney
Stone Monday morning;

While recovering,
He caught pinkeye from my son.
I just have a cold,

But that is enough.
I'm fed up: with being sick;
With the weather, too.

I'm sick of the snow
And temperatures below
Forty-five degrees.

But mostly I hate
The constant changing from one
Extreme to the next.

It's hard to predict
What I should wear or what clothes
To dress my son in.

And ever-changing
Temperatures are good for
Making tornadoes. :(

The downside to a lot of cold, snowy days in late fall this year is that it now feels like winter is dragging on forever. I am so ready for spring right now, it's not even funny. I have cabin fever in the worst way. I want to see some green leaves, smell the blossoms growing on the trees, and hear the birds rejoicing in the warm(er) weather.

Sigh. Why is it still February?

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Ditto and ditto....I hate winter sooo much luckily I think the flu shot saved me from getting sick this winter (but illness is quickly spreading through my work).


Flu shot wouldn't have done anything for the colds, pinkeyes, or kidney stone, unfortunately. Plus, working in a daycare makes it pretty difficult to stay healthy... especially when I've been staying up late and not eating right. Bad mommy. :)


Darn. Sounds like you're fighting all sorts of stuff. I hope March comes soon!


Tumblewords: Thanks for commenting, even though I took forever getting back to you! Thanks for the sympathy. March should be better... a little warmer at least. :)

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