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Friday, January 9, 2009

Haiku Friday #13: Lucky Number 13

Haiku Friday

This is my thirteenth
Haiku Friday; I think it's
Been so far so good.

Also, my son turned
Thirteen months old on Monday
He's getting so big!

Not superstitious,
I think the number thirteen
Is lucky instead

Actually, I've always thought of thirteen as my lucky number. Life just seems to work out in weird, unusual ways for me. Often it seems things turn out the exact opposite of how I expect. So thirteen being my lucky number just works.

Haiku Fridays are a bright spot in my week. I'd like to make a point of doing them every week, just so I can have something to look forward to at the end of my work week. And I'd like to think that my readers enjoy something fun too. Might as well make it more often.

My gift for the thirteen-month anniversary of being a mom? Another step towards turning into mine -- last night while feeding my son dinner I bestowed upon him The Mothers' Curse: "Someday you're going to have a messy eater child just like you!"

To read more haiku and/or participate yourself, visit Christina at A Mommy Story.

Happy Friday, everybody!


maggie's mind

Happy 13th haiku! I agree that 13 doesn't have to be unlucky at all. :)


Maggie: Thanks for the comment! Glad I'm not the only one who wants to make her own luck.


I love haiku friday too! :) I agree--it's funny how certain numbers come to meaning something good or bad in your life.

Ashlie- Mommycosm

Great 13th haiku :)

My lucky number is 23, although the rest of my family thinks it is cursed b/c we've had a lot of deaths on the 23rd of various months. Then the darn 23 movie came out and gave them more fuel.

I also believe in making your own luck.


Cathy: Thanks for commenting! The haiku is one of my favorite parts of Friday!

Ashlie: Thanks for your comment! The number 23 was a pretty good one for me for awhile. My father-in-law says he has a recurring curse every 12 years: when he was 24, his dad died. When he was 36, his wife died. He'll be 48 in November, so he said he's going to go somewhere far away from everyone he loves for his birthday and the whole next year.


Happy, Lucky 13.


Susie: Thanks for the comment! So far, so good with 13 too. :)c


I don't think 13 is that unlucky. My brother was born on Friday the 13th.

Wait, maybe it is then. Hee hee.


Vixen: Thanks for commenting! Ha ha, the day my sister was born was a bit unlucky for me too. But my mom, dad, sister, and I were all born on Mondays.

Wayfaring Wanderer

23 is my lucky number! Haiku fridays are awesome.....I never knew I could write haiku's!!


WW: Haiku Fridays rock! They bring out the poet in all of us. :)

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