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Friday, December 5, 2008

Haiku Friday #11: One Year

Haiku Friday

One year old today
I can barely believe it
He's getting so big

Last December fifth
At two thirty-five P. M.,
He made his entrance

Almost seven pounds
Nineteen and a quarter inch
He did not start small

Now he's much bigger:
Thirty inches and almost
Twenty-four whole pounds

No longer nursing
He drinks milk from a sippy cup
And eats table food

Still "army crawling"
He doesn't pull himself up
He's not walking yet.

But he waves hello
And goodbye, and points at things
He even says, "Hi!"

One year old today
My baby's growing so fast
What will two be like?

OMG, I can't believe it! It's my son's birthday today. I've been reminiscing for a few weeks about the events that happened 365 days ago. My little baby boy is more like a toddler now.

So much has changed lately! We're completely done with breastfeeding as of 2 weeks ago (yay!), he is sleeping all night in his crib now -- most nights for 11 hours! -- and he's pointing, waving, and experimenting with words, like "cat", "hi", and "buh-bye", and sounds like "meow", "rawr", and "hoo hoo hoo" (like a monkey -- that's his favorite).

He's drinking whole milk out of a sippy cup that he sometimes holds by himself, and eating table food. He loves Gerber Puffs, Cheerios, and cheese. He's a big boy. *sniff*

Happy birthday, baby!



I remember your mom or maybe it was your dad calling to tell us that he was here and talking to you a few days before. I cannot believe that little Adam is ONE!!! Man, where did the time I feel all emotional!

See you tomorrow for the par-tay!


Happy birthday--the first one is so incredibly special.

Ashlie- Mommycosm

I didn't realize that birthdays were just as important to moms as kids...until I had my own.
Happy Birthday to you and your little guy :)


Amanda: Oh man, I know! I can't believe he's basically a toddler. Not a baby anymore... *sniff sniff*

Cathy: Thanks for commenting! I'm so excited today. Party tomorrow is going to be so fun!

Ashlie: Thanks for commenting! I've definitely realized that myself the past few days. I'm absolutely more excited about it than he is, at least for this year! :)

Sarcastic Mom

Happy Birthday to your Big Boy Baby! :-)

Eaton Bennett

I have seven children, so seven babies and your Haiku brought back
sweet memories. :)


Sarcastic Mom: Thanks for commenting, and thanks for the birthday wishes - I'll tell him what you said! :)

Eaton: Wow! And I thought I had my hands full with one! Thanks for the comment!

Mary P Jones (MPJ)

Oh, yay! Happy birthday to your baby boy and happy anniversary of becoming a mama to you. :)

Thanks for popping by my blog Friday. It's nice to get a chance to (virtually) meet you.


MPJ: I'm a big fan of virtual meetings... I call my bloggy stalkers and the bloggers I read my "virtual friends". Better than having no friends. :)

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